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世界各地的NCEPUer在干什么 ——疫情日记回国特辑

Quarantine Diaries

Ep.1Stories at home


Since the outbreak of COVID-19,some of the international students of NCEPU have returned home ,getting together with their families. Others had to stay in the school, getting through hard time in the company of NCEPU. During this time, They can be overwhelmed with panic and scare, or endeavored to make their lives more colourful. Wherever you are, we hope you can gain even a little bit energy, inspiration, or resonance from their sharing , it is absolutely worthy of our collection of their stories.

May the good mood be with you.


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*疫情信息仅统计到5月20日 All the statics about the epidemic situation are collected on 20.May.

①KABIR AFRIDE (寿浩)——Bangladesh 孟加拉国


·cumulative number of confirmed cases reached 25121 in Bangladesh . 4993 confirmed patients have been cured and discharged.


Before getting lockdown in my country I came to my second home and got locked down here. In this situation, my three cousin brother and sister and my aunt helped me to get out of this mental situation. We are having fun all the time. Doing music, Playing games.在


After passing 20 days’ quarantine in my country one night I was singing in my balcony for doing some entertainment with all our neighbors. It was really an entertaining night during this quarantine.


I’m also doing my second semester university online classes. But it’s true that I’m missing the real classes with all of my friends.


But during this outbreak, many poor people are suffering a lot because they are losing their daily income. This hurts me a lot. I was thinking about them and made a decision to help them a bit. Thus, I’m doing some help for those people through an organization by donating some money.


During the quarantine, I had my birthday. However, we could’t celebrate birthday outside. That’s why my younger brother and I made a cake at home, and celebrated with my aunt and my little brothers and sister. What a special birthday!


And still now I’m in quarantine. The outbreak is going to be too much dangerous day by day. I’m hoping that the whole world gets well soon and become normal as before. I miss my life in China a lot. I miss my friends a lot.

② BUJIN(布金) ---Mongolia 蒙古


·In Mongolia, 26 of the 140 cases brought in hospital today have been cured and 114 are hospitalized.

我叫BUJIN。 我是一名硕士学生,我来自蒙古。


It has been about 5 months since the lockdown was carried out in Mongolia. Though the number of the criminals has decreased, the closure of some enterprises has led to the economic crisis. However, compared with other countries, the situation in Mongolia is not that serious. The shopping centers and companies function well except the schools and night clubs. It is widely acknowledged that what matters most are family and health in face of the quarantine. Unluckily,I was not allowed to hang out with my friends.


Today,hand sanitizers and masks has become everyone’s daily necessities which are also of great importance to me. The first thing I have to do when I go out every morning is to put the necessities in my bag. We have no idea about when the quarantine comes to an end, but we don’t have more reliable methods to protect ourselves.

昨晚下雪了。 我认为这是今年的最后一场雪。 天气很冷的时候我们很高兴。

It snowed last night. I suppose it was the last snow of this year. We had fun during the cold.

我最近找到了一份新工作。 蒙古选举将于6月24日举行。所以每天都是很忙的一天.我希望病毒会很快被消灭,生活会恢复正常。 我好想念中国和NCEPU。

Recently I got a new job and the election campaign will be held on 24th June so that I am busy all the time. I hope that the virus will be eliminated soon and my life will come back to normal. I miss China and NCEPU a lot.

③RAKHYM AIYM (艾米)——Kazakhstan哈萨克斯坦

·哈萨克斯坦全国累计确诊病例达6751例。已有 3598名确诊患者治愈出院

cumulative number of confirmed cases reached 6751 in Kazakhstan. 3598 confirmed patients have been cured and discharged

大家好!我来自哈萨克斯坦.因为疫情我已经在家两个月了. 哈萨克斯坦总统托卡耶夫于2020年3月15日签署总统令,在全国范围内实施国家紧急状态,随后该紧急状态进行了2次延期,直至5月11日。

Hello, everyone! I’m from Kazakhstan and I have been at home for 2 months because of the epidemic. President Tokayev signed a presidential decree on March 15,2020 to implement a state of emergency throughout the country, which was then extended twice until 11th May.


During the last two months, many places stop working except groceries and pharmacies. The residents conform to the rules that only go out when necessary and wear masks when going out. During the quarantine I stay at home to read books, have classes, take exercise and learn to cook.


Finally, I appreciate all medical workers and personnel who work at the front line. I hope the quarantine come to an end quickly.

④SATTOROV KAMRONBEK (阿历克斯——Uzbekistan乌兹别克斯坦


·cumulative number of confirmed cases reached 2855 in Uzbekistan . 2338 confirmed patients have been cured and discharged.

如今全世界进入了一段困难时间。 当我听到肺炎疫情的消息时候,我感到十分沮丧。现在它影响了我们的生活方式。在这次疫情爆发期间,为了处理这种病毒,我的国家采取了一些措施。 例如,除了食品店和药店以外,其他类的商店都关门了,许多人被建议呆在家里。

Nowadays, the whole world is experiencing a hard time. I was depressed when I heard about the outbreak of COVID-19 which has been changing our lives. During this outbreak, my country took lots of measures to deal with the virus. For example, except food stores and pharmacies, all kinds of stores were closed, and people were advised to stay at home.


If you want to go out, not only should you wear a mask, but also have to bring your passport

Streets and food stores are disinfected every day



Students take courses online or through TVs


It is helpful for our defeating the virus as soon as possible to implement all these safety measures


There has always been a close relationship between China and Uzbekistan. Recently, Chinese medical experts came to Uzbekistan to provide us with medical supplies. Also, they shared with us their successful experience in fighting the virus. Therefore, the epidemic situation in our country is getting better and better. I am very grateful to the Chinese medical experts who have come to Uzbekistan to help us in this difficult time. I hope the cultural, economic and trade relations between our two friendly countries will has a continuous development.

我们都可以看到现在所有的国家都在努力与困难斗争 ,所以我认为我们一定会克服难关。我想感谢奋战在一线的医护人员,祝他们身体健康。 我还想为华电国教的老师表示感谢,他们一直支持我们留学生,尤其是支持留在华的学生,并且给他们提供生活物资和校内安全的环境 ,我很期待回到亲爱的学校见老师们和同学们。

It is seen that all the countries are struggling with the difficulties now, and I believe that we are bound to overcome the difficulties. I want to show my gratitude to the medical staff who are striving on the firing lines and wish them good health. I would also like to express my gratitude to the teachers of IEI NCEPU for their continuous support for the international students, especially those who stay in China, and for providing them with daily necessities and an environment of safety. I am looking forward to meeting the teachers and students at IEI NCEPU.


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